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Document Advisory/ Documents Required

List of documents required for accurate income tax return as per all applicable income

Salary Income

FORM-16 issued by your employer for the financial year. In case of multiple employment in a year due to an event such as job change, we will need (FORM-16) from all employers with which you were employed during the financial year. The income from all employers must be added to determine actual tax liability.

Interest Income

TDS Certificate/Interest Certificate/FORM-16 issued by your BANK or financial institution.Saving account interest is Tax Free up to 10,000 INR while rest all interest incomes such as Fixed Deposit, Recurring Depositsare fully taxable(Tax liability vary by individual).

Stock Market/Mutual Fund

Profit/Loss Statement, Capital Gain Statement, Dividend information to determine Short Term Capital Gain (STCG)or Long Term Capital Gain (LTCG). ITR-2 is applicable whenever STCG/LTCG is applicable and /or if dividend received is more than 5000 INR.

Home Loan

Final interest certificate of home loan, As FORM-16 which contains data from provisional interest certificate. The tax benefit may vary due to change of interest rate, part payment etc. In case of let out property additional details such as rent received, municipal tax, tenant name/PAN,joint owner name/PAN if applicable etc .

Foreign Assets/Income

Disclosure of foreign bank account/asset is mandatory for residents. We will need bank account number, bank name, bank address including country and peak balance in financial year. In event of Non-disclosure it will qualify for major penalty and jail term with provisions made in finance budget 2015.

Tax Free Income

Declaration of tax free income income such as interest occurred in PPF account, Dividend received from Mutual Funds or Stocks are mandatory for accurate return. Earnings from such instruments exceeds 5000 INR in a year, ITR-2 is applicable form. Non-disclosure of such income may lead to incorrect filing using different ITR form.

Rental Income

Rent Received Annually. Earning rent ? Need to include all such income in return. 30% of residential rent received is tax free towards maintenance of property


Donations Certificate/Details. You have already contributed for good/noble cause. Now it's time to take TAX Benefit of such donations as applicable. These may even help you to get refund of taxes.

Minor Child Income

Income earned by Minor child/children must be clubbed with higher earning parent. These kind of income are Tax Free up to 1500 INR per child. and must be included in income tax return.

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