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IT-Return negligence causes incorrect filing, may reduce refund, may qualify for tax notice

Multiple Employers

Income tax return must include income from all employers in a financial year(multiple FORM-16). Non declaring income from all employers will not only change tax slabs but also allow dual exemptions not permitted under law.

Interest/Other Income

Income Tax Return must include income from all bank accounts including saving(Tax free up to 10K INR), fixed deposit, recurring deposits, any rental received from residential/commercial property.

Capital Gain

Income Tax Return must include your stock market, mutual fund, property transaction if any.Non Declaring such income will change your applicable ITR form which will lead to incorrect filing and tax evasion.

Home Loan

Income Tax Return must be filed using final interest certificate of home loan, not from FORM-16 which contains data from provisional interest certificate.The tax benefit may vary due to change of interest rate, part payment etc.

Foreign Assets/Income

Declaration of foreign bank account/asset is mandatory for residents and non-disclosure of such information may qualify for major penalty and jail term for such evasion with provisions made in finance budget 2015.

Foreign Stock

Dividend Income on foreign stocks is taxable as per tax bracket. Tax withheld while distributing dividend is subject to DTTA.Capital gain upon sale is again taxable in India. Remember your employer is deducting tax while granting stock or purchase only.

Latest News

FATCA Notices

Many tax payers started receiving email/paper notice directly from Intelligence and Criminal Investigation wing of Income Tax India for non declaring their foreign dividend and stock transaction income.

Compliance Notices

Department has started sending out emails/letters to non return filers based on information tracked by department about credit card, income, bank transactions etc.

Demand Notices, E-Proceedings

Department has introduced facility to provide online responses to outstanding tax demand notices. However rectification will be remain either with CPC or Assessing officer as per case

2014,2013 Non Filers

In 2014,2013, Income Tax Department has issued letter to more than 34,29,296 individuals who failed to file income tax return but carried out high value transactions as tracked by department.

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Tax Care India is an E-Return Intermediary authorized by Income Tax Department, Government of India.Tax Care India evolved on the idea to simplify the process of filing Income Tax Return for salaried class professionals. Tax Care India incorporates a group of professionals sharing common interest with the thought to re jig tax compliance in India. Our professionals are a perfect blend with expertise in finance and information technology, enabling us to provide best and innovative solutions to our customers.

Income tax return preparation by our team of Chartered Accountants and well-qualified professionals with advanced security measures on our website provides our customers an ideal platform to use income tax return and consulting services in every possible way. Tax Care India experts provide personal advisory services to you with the goal being to prepare and file your Income Tax Return with complete accuracy while ensuring our customers pay the lowest tax liability. Our team continuously propels to build and maintain an environment of trust where everyone counts and everyone contributes.

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